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Strategy for risk game

It is in its practicality that the feature of Risk has gain fame over the period and it is indeed one of the most popular board game. The primary ideas around human affairs and the national use of force constitutes to the strategy of risk.

Balance of Power: If a player at any point holds more than half the armies in the world or the potential to get them, he can rapidly conquer his entire rival. Hence, weaker players are behooved to forbid or destroy this power. A player who conquers both North and South America usually sweeps the board of his opponents if he is not attacked. The weaker players, then, should form casual alliances. “Divide and Conquer” should be the strong player’s motto, while the weaker players should be thinking, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Power Bases: A merged continent can be considered as a power base. Assets of even a small continent can roughly twice the number of armies per turn. Hence, you need protect this base to expand from there. Many players like to achieve possession of Australia early in the game but it is easily defended because it has only one entrance. Its disadvantage is that it is far away from other possible conquests. Asia, being too vast is rarely completely conquered and held early in the game.
A continent may be conquered with equal or even fewer forces, but this usually does not succeed or if it is successful leaves the continent open to reconquest or the machinations of a third player. If possible, superior numbers should be used because these can be moved onto the conquered country and inhibit reconquest by the enemy.

Army Placement: Strategic placement of armies is very important. The rules direct players to precede armies to the front. In placing armies the idea of “concentration of force” is paramount. You will be tempted to spread armies all over the place, and sometimes this will be necessary, but usually, it is best to focus authority on one objective at a time.

Offense/Defense: It is tough to balance offense and defense. It is a maxim in military circles that a good offense is the best defense. But in Risk, as in the real world this is not always the case. When the battle rages between two players one should put every ounce of power in the offense, but when several players are involved, the political element changes this dynamic. Armies can simultaneously perform both an offensive and defensive roll.

Hence, risk being the most popular board game involves smart strategy and easy techniques for a new beginner to learn while he tries his hands practically.

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