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Welcome on in to the smurfiest smurfy fun website on the net! Smurfy Sailor's Corner of the Universe is sure to please! If you like to read, check out pictures, listen to music, or have fun and games, this is the site for you!

Yes, what site would be smurfy without games?
I have personally created some of my own games for you to enjoy featuring: Smurfy Sailor's Sailor Moon Eye Match Game, Smurfy Faerie Slots, Smurfy Sailor's Smurfy Memory Match Game, Smurfy Sailor's Smurf Berry Bash, Smurfy Sailor's Magical Cards, Smurfy Sailor's Super Dee Dooper Easy Test, Smurfy Sailor's Smurf Quiz, The Ultimate Smurf Test, The Sequel to The Ultimate Smurf Test, Smurf Smurf Revolution, & ULTIMATE DIFFICULTY LEVEL Challenging Mode Trivia AKA The Revenge of Smurf Smurf Revolution. If you should be able to tame the beast the rewards are absolutely wonderous! :-)
Also included in the collection are 2 Extreme Sailor Moon Trivias and also is the Extreme Dance Dance Revolution Trivia page where you can instantly know the answers!

Compare the different styles of artwork in the animation shows.
There are many differences between them.
If you click on the image you can see the image at full size.

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