This website is entirely dedicated to videogames. Here you will find a selection of the best free games to download or to play directly online. The site covers different categories of games: the abandon games, the flash games, the freeware games and the multiplayer online games but all these games have at least one thing in common, they are all playable for free!

The term abandon games refers to old classic games. The term has no legal meaning, and much abandonware is not in the public domain, and so cannot be legally copied or distributed without the permission of the owner. Anyway old copyrights are sometimes not defended. This can be due to intentional non-enforcement by their owners due to the software’s age or obsolescence or any other reason. So I think that allow the download of these games is a good way to preserve these old titles that made the story of videogames from disappearing.

If the creators of the titles we review wishes the files related to them removed, we kindly ask them to contact us and we will remove the respective software immediately.

The flash games are games that you can play directly on your browser. In the last years they became increasingly popular and now there are thousands and thousands of these games. We will select for you only the best flash games available.
If you have visualization problems check if you have installed the latest version of these players:

We will also rewiew the best freeware games available, thera are many games created by indipendent programmers and distributed freely on internet that have nothing to envy to commercial games.

Another games category that we cover is online games, both browser games, games playable directly on your browser, or MMOG (massively multiplayer online games), games that require a program freely downloadable from the producer website. Some of these games are with fee, but we will review only the games playable for free

Well, that’s all folks! I apologize for my english but I’m not a native speaker and I try to do my best.
Enjoy the games and if you have any suggestions or requests please contact me.

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